How It Works


Vexpo is an interactive vendor marketplace that curates all of our vendors to assure the highest quality and professionalism across the site. We provide brides with access to interactive tools to research, review, contact, check availability, redeem promos, reserve wedding vendors and more! Fun fact; Vexpo is Nashville based and founded by a team of female wedding professionals committed to building a community of top quality, dependable wedding professionals. We are proud to offer real life experiences and marketing opportunities to our vendors in efforts to grow your business and build incredible relationships. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Approval Process

Please take the time to review some of the guidelines our team follows when evaluating each applicant.

  • Professional website

  • Business profile listed on Instagram or Facebook

  • Business license & insurance (current or obtaining)

  • Minimum of 20-25 weddings in your portfolio (some exceptions can be made)

  • Public information available to assist with an approval

  • Quality of images and/or video (Photographers/Videographers)

  • Personal and professional references

What does Vexpo certified mean?

Experience the Vexpo difference and work with the highest quality wedding vendors.
Every Vexpo-certified vendor meets the following criteria:

  • Individually Vetted

  • Highest Quality Guaranteed

  • Proven Industry Experience

  • Positive Customer Reviews

  • Responsive Communication Time

Vexpo knows no two businesses are alike!

There is no one-size-fits-all when you’re running a business. At Vexpo, we know how important it is to have options that work best for you. Learn more about our Pay-per-booking model and our subscription package below!


This option only applies to package vendors.
Photographers, Videographers, Hair and Make-up artists, DJ’s, Musicians, Officiants and Bartenders.

We’ve discovered most wedding professionals are willing to offer special promotions or add-ons to gain new clients and set a competitive edge. Vendors commonly do this because the wedding industry has become very competitive, especially here in Tennessee where the creative talent shines.

Providing a platform free of monthly subscriptions allows our vendors to keep more cash in their pocket at all times. Vexpo gives you complete control of your schedule and your business. Whether you want us to help fill up an entire year with events— or just a few weekends, the option is yours.

With no upfront subscription fees, our affordable pay-per-booking model offers you an alternative solution to growing your business risk-free. Sit back and enjoy the flexibility and excitement of accepting new bookings you didn’t have to pay for up front!

Once you receive a welcome letter, you will provide information to set up your account and start marketing your business instantly! Vendors set their event pricing in their sole discretion; provided, however, no Vendor may establish package pricing less favorable than the pricing terms it offers potential customers independent of this website.  A Vendor’s breach of this requirement shall result in the immediate deletion of its vendor content from the site.

Vendors who accept a booking request must take an 8% reduction in the listed cost of the Vendor Service and offer an exclusive promotion of their choice to Vexpo customers only. Applying exclusive savings and promotions to every package is a guaranteed way to secure more bookings for you effortlessly.

Once a client purchases a package, Vexpo charges the consumer a small reservation fee of 8%, securing the promotional offer and chosen package and then forwards the request to you for confirmation. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive your new client's event details and contact information to sign contracts and arrange payments. As a reminder, your new Vexpo client will only owe 92% of the booked package, and the confirmation email will reflect this information.

While Vendors have sole discretion as to whether or not to accept a booking request, Vexpo will delete the vendor content of any Vendor who declines five booking requests within a calendar year, (for reasons other than a bona fide scheduling conflict), and shall no longer permit the Vendor to continue to use the website.


Now you can select the pricing model that fits your business best. Introducing Vexpo’s new subscription packages, designed with your differences in mind. Starting at only $49 a month, you can experience what it means to be a Vexpo Certified vendor and begin connecting with new brides effortlessly.

Your vendor profile will feature your business photo/headshot, bio, portfolio, reviews and your exclusive to Vexpo promotional offers. Brides can easily request your availability and send you an email with a click of a button! That’s not all, you get all the perks that come along with being a certified vendor and a member of our founding team. Excited? We are too.

Vexpo Vendor Perks

  • Our featured listings on the landing page changes with every new view. What does that mean for you? It means your business has the opportunity to be featured on the main landing page 100’s of times a day by different brides without paying those insanely high monthly premiums!

  • Have you heard about our epic Bridal Vexpo? Every Vexpo certified vendor has an opportunity to participate at this event for free every year. Yes! You read that right, completely FREE! (Due to high demand, you must be an active vendor for a minimum of 9 months to participate in the next years event. No exceptions will be made)

  • We love our vendors! Vexpo was created by a team of wedding professionals that understands your needs and wants in this industry. You finally have a website dedicated to both bride and vendor happiness!

word is….

Chloe Hoffman - I've been blown away by the intentionality, high standards and care shown by the Vexpo. They are out to create an experience for middle Tennessee brides that allows them to one-stop wedding vendor shop, and they are just as interested in creating a platform for vendors to get their name out there! There is heart and soul in this work. Wish this service had been available when I was bride.

Sarah Frances - Recently was a vendor at the Vexpo’s first bridal expo. Usually when a vendor is apart of a bridal showcase, the vendor gets little help from the showcase and is just wishing on a prayer that they hold up their end of the deal. Vexpo is not only committed to making brides feel like royalty, but they treat their vendors like that as well. So excited to work with such a great interactive website that will change the Wedding game forever! My company, Smedevents, was booked on the spot at the expo because the Vexpo made that possible!

Michelle Gordon - My daughter and I had so much fun at the bridal vexpo. This event was well planned out. The vendors were all very pleasant and it had a welcoming, elegant ambiance. The organizers did a great job and you can tell they put a lot of heart and soul into their planning. They worked hard to make all the brides feel special.

Shawn Lowery - My business ThePBSs was a vendor at the March 17,2019 Vexpo Bridal expo. For my team it was an industry game changer. It was a gathering of people providing fantastic products all hand selected by the Vexpo team. It was elegant, upscale and felt more like an interactive experience at a high end boutique instead of a stalled bridal flea market. The Vexpo team was amazing to work with and determined to make this show something new and unseen in the industry, and they accomplished it with grace. Keep up the great work Vexpo team, we are excited for the next opportunity to work with you. Stay blessed.

Chris Yow - Vexpo has gone above and beyond to help their customers, both vendors and brides. Vexpo has some of the most amazing people working for them and they are working hard to make it a great website for future brides.

What THE Bride Sees

Still unsure how the website works? That’s ok! Watch the video below to experience the planning process!